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Garden Photography – Decay

Garden and flower photography often requires the perfect specimen, and where this cannot be accomplished, we turn to the use of photoshop to remove blemishes and damage. Living plants and flowers do die and that display of cut flowers soon starts to take on a new look.

When flowers are past their best we often ignore them or throw them out, but look closely and you will see nature starts to work its wonders and those bright colours become an array of subtle shades. The petals curl and twist, the stems wilt, pollen will drop giving a spattering of colour.  The natural decay of flowers gives them a whole new look full of colour and texture.

A simple arrangement of a single decaying flower adds a fading beauty to an image as the light catches every fold in a gnarly petal




Lay them flat on a textured background, remove petals to expose the inner detail and those decaying flowers become a work of art on their own. Get in close, use a tripod and record every detail your camera sensor can pick up and give your garden photography a different perspective.

Decay Photography Andy Sears



Garden photography decay - Andy sears - Hertfordshire

Garden Decay - Andy Sears