what3words dividing the world into 3 meter squares, each with a unique combination of three words.

While a lot of todays cameras and phones have Geo location built in, it is often not visible or difficult to extract and pass to another regarding the location the image was taken.

With what3words you can grab your location from the app, or find the location of the desktop app. Take the image below for example, taken at a place called Stagenhoe, St Pauls Walden, Hertfordshire, England. While the place is easy to find, the exact location of the image would be difficult, hidden away down a pathway in amongst trees.

Using the what3words app, I can easily get the location from an aerial view and pinpoint the location where the image was taken.

My location being bills.fever.assure and easy to pass to another as https://what3words.com/bills.fever.assure or even enter into the metatag of the digital image.