One Image - Crocus

Every so often I capture an image, and although pleased with it I am surprised at the attention it receives. One such image was of a crocus. I had just received some new backdrops from Club Backdrops and thought I would do a few images to test the colours of the backdrops etc.

Out in the garden, I found a crocus that had been broken, still in flower I brought it indoors. While setting up I noticed the crocus had opened wide and looked quite stunning.

Thr feeling the image was a little special was on 500px where after a pulse rate of 98.9 received an editor's choice.

I entered the image into a couple of Photocrowd competitions. N-Photos Nilon Photographer of the Year and Amateur Photographer's APOY2023.

First up was N-Photo, to my amazement, I received first place. Then a few weeks after I received 5th place in the Macro round of APOY2023.

Images were then published in the respective magazines.  So quite pleased from an impromptu still life setup, where I was not even expecting to produce anything special.