Marrutt Inkjet Photo Paper

I do not usually do much in the way of printing, but wanted to replace a few pictures on the wall.

I have a low-end printer, the HP7830, and have been using supermarkets’ own photo paper. The results were not that great, with dull images, and very flat looking, I had always put this down to the printer being more of an office-type machine.

I decided to buy some better inkjet paper, a search on Amazon and Marrutt Photo Paper kept coming up. To be honest I was not expecting it to be much better. I bought the A4 Ultra Pearlescent Hi-White 300gsm paper, which arrived well-packaged.

The paper itself felt good quality, so quick test print, using the printer to manage colour and set to the highest quality. The resulting print was astounding, I could not believe that quality could come out of a basic machine just by changing the paper used.

There was no sign of banding on the prints, colours were vibrant, and the image quality far exceeding my expectations.

After an hour or so I had my set of prints and got them framed and on the wall.

Looking further into Marrutt paper and a visit to their website, the range they offer would cover all my needs, they also have a service where you can request the ICC profile for your pritner, which i did and it arrived the next day.

I also requested and received a sample pack of different papers to try, which again arrived the next day. Cannot fault the customer service with Marrutt Paper. Their website also has some great tips and articles on getting the best results from inkjet printing.

If you are looking to get the best out of your inkjet printer, do have a look at the Marrutt Inkjet Paper website.

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